Go where you feel most alive.

Because in the end, you won’t remember the times you spent at the office, queuing for avocado toast, or playing with your phone.

How expeditions work
Footsteps of the Nomads
Western Mongolia 2018

We take transformation seriously

Experience the most epic challenge of your life.

  • Frontier exploration

    Venture to wild and remote landscapes, see breathtaking geography, rich with cultural heritage, untouched by tourism.

  • Measured difficulty

    Not ready for our Legendary expeditions? Challenge yourself with just enough risk.
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  • Expert local guides

    An English-speaking local leads each expedition. Join a local hunter, a nomad - who knows the land like the back of their hands.

  • Personalized booking

    Your expedition happens when you want it to. Do it yourself or invite friends. Just pick a date and we'll arrange the rest.

  • Transparent pricing

    Expeditions come with standard prices and standard amenities. You'll only be surprised by epic adventure.

How expeditions work

We make it easy to go hard on yourself.

  • 1. What is your odyssey?

    The lush jungles in Northern Myanmar, the steppes of Western Mongolia, the underground caves in Indonesia - FoundLost is your takeoff point on a journey of epic proportions. Where will you start the first chapter of your epic odyssey?

  • 2. Go solo or invite friends.

    We get it. Sometimes you want to face adversity alone, sometimes you want to share a defining moment with good friends. FoundLost is a community of explorers, so even if you go solo, you won’t really be alone.

  • 3. Book and prepare

    Book your expedition up to 6 months in advance, so that you and your friends have time to prepare physically and mentally. FoundLost trainers will give you tips to help your preparation.

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Our promise

A support system that gives you confidence to be foundlost.

  • Safety first

    Every FoundLost explorer is covered by an itinerary-specific accident and travel insurance package.

  • Responsive support

    Available 24/7 by satellite phone, our operations team works around the clock to take care of your safety, logistics and inquiries.

  • Stringent assessment & vetting

    Each of our expedition partners undergoes a strict independent evaluation of their safety standards and professionalism, ensuring our explorers the highest quality experience possible.

  • Accommodation & amenities

    No surprises here. Except for flights in and out of the country, everything else is paid for.

  • Document your experience

    When and where possible, your experience will be documented by renowned photographers and filmmakers for you to relive, and for our community to enjoy.

  • Support local communities

    We want to do our part in preserving the cultures and environments of the communities we visit, so we prioritize activities, partners and destinations that support local ways of life.