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    ★★✰✰ Challenging expedition.

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    3 days 2 nights. Start and end at Surabaya.

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    Tropical rain-forests and savana.

Forge Of The Equator

Mount Argopuro

Limited run

About this Expedition

Difficulty level of 

Mount Argopuro



Trek 40 kilometers

Complete a 5 day trek in just 3 days, as you cover over 40KM through jungle and savannas.

Summit a 3088 m volcano

One of the most stunning volcanoes in the world, reaching the top of Argopuro requires a heroic effort.

Traverse the Aropuro Ridge

Surrounded by sheer drops, challenge your fear of heights as you traverse the ridge at 3000+ meters in altitude


Mount Argopuro

Cikasur Basecamp

Endure an 8 hour trek to Cikasur where you'll make camp under a million stars.

Rengganis Temple

Visit the mysterious ruins of a Hindu temple on the top of Argopuro built by Princess Rengganis in the 12th century.

Summit Argopuro

Summit Argopuro's highest peak, and come face to face with a mysterious statue with carefully placed stones around it, the purpose of which remains unknown to this day.

Expedition itinerary

D1: Surabaya-Baderan-Cikasur (2,190m)

At dawn, we go to Baderan village by vehicle. 4-5 hours drive from Surabaya. From Baderan forestry office (770m), we will hike until Cikasur which will take 7-8 hours. Set camp here and rest.

D2: Cikasur-Argopuro Saddle

The trek to Argopuro Saddle (2,950m) will take about 6-7 hours. Going through many other meadows. The last hike to the Saddle will be quite steep, walking beside a dry riverbed and the trail is a little vague. We set our camp here and if we still have time, we go straight to Rengganis and Argopuro peak.

D3: Argopuro Saddle-Bremi-Surabaya

It’s a long descend today to Bremi village (990m), which is also located in a different district than Baderan village. We walk through passing Argopuro ridge and start descending steeply behind that ridge. The descend to Bremi village can take 7-8 hours. We will be pick up again by vehicle at Bremi village and then go to Surabaya to catch your flight home.

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Mount Argopuro

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