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    ★★★✰ Epic expedition.

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    9 days. Start and end in Bali.

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    Tropical rain-forest, mountainous, coastal, rivers.

Legacy Of The Last Headhunters

Korowai Tribe

Limited run

About this Expedition

Come face to face with one of the last tribes in the world to practice cannibalism, the Korowai. Unaware of the outside world's existence until as recently as 1970, the Korowai are known for their remarkable feats of engineering, constructing treehouses that sit 140 feet above the ground.

Sail down the Brazzar river and trek through dense jungle to reach this reclusive village. Living among this cannibalistic tribe, you'll observe their way of life and join them hunting, fishing and sago harvesting.

Difficulty level of 

Korowai Tribe



Sail and hike 100 kilometers

Sail down the Brazza river and hike through dense rainforest as you search for the Korowai tribe.

Live with the last Cannibals

The Korowai are one of the last known tribes to practice cannibalism and were not aware of the outside world's existence until 1970.

Total Isolation

Leave the modern world behind as you explore the final frontier of Indonesia, untouched and unspoiled by technology.


Korowai Tribe

Sail to the Asmat Region

Sail down the Brazza river and push through dense rainforest to reach Muaarez Siretz, stopping through riverside tribal villages on the way.

Discover the Korowai Tribe

Search the rainforest and mangroves for the trail of the nomadic Korawai tribe.

Live & Hunt with the Korowai

Live with the Korowai people, working with them side by side as they hunt, fish and farm.

Expedition itinerary

D1: Bali-Jayapura

Upon arrival in Sentani airport, meet your guide and then transfer to hotel nearby. Check-in and stay overnight

D2: Jayapura-Dekai

After breakfast, transfer to Sentani airport and take the flight to Dekai, a new developed village after recent self-autonomy policy couple years ago. Upon arrival in Dekai then check in to simple hotel. Lunch and dinner will be served in the hotel. You may walk around in Dekai to see the activities of native people

D3: Dekai-Lopon-Brazza River-Pepera-Muara SiretzIn the morning, transfer to Lopon by vehicle. Lopon is

a small harbor around 40 minutes from Dekai. We will sail down to the south of Brazza river, one of the largest rivers flowing south to Asmat region. Dense rainforest jungle surrounds the area. Peaceful surrounding, though sometimes encounter the other passing boats. On the way, we may stop at the small villages which are belong to citak mitak tribe. This tribe built their houses on the riverside. Most of them still work as hunter and food gatherer. We will arrive at Muara Siretz in about 7 hours sail downriver. Set a camp in the village.

D4: Pepera-Muara Siretz-Mabul–Korowai

We need 5 hours of sail today, It can be our first encounter with the Korowai people today. Together with the porters, we walk to Korowai domain. Korowai is much nomadic. We have a very flexible day to day length of walk in their domain. Once we reach their village, it does not mean that we are allowed to enter. Gifts have to be provided for the chief. If they take out the gift, it means that we are welcome to their village. Stay overnight in the house or set a tent.

D5-6: Living with Korowai

We spend couple days in their home, observe their daily life. If they allow, then we can join them at work for hunting or sago harvesting. The land of the korowai lies on the low land with muddy terrain and swamp. Sago is their main staple, but they also do fishing on the river or hunt animal such as cuscus or birds or wild boar, snake, frog, and sago worm. Stay overnight in the house or tent.

D7: Mabul-Pepera-Muara Siretz-Brazza river- Lopon-DekaiEarly in the morning, we return back to Mabul village. We will spend full day (around 12hours) sail upriver to Lopon harbor. Then from Lopon, take a car to our hotel back to Dekai. Stay overnight in a simple hotel.

D8: Dekai-Sentani-Jayapura

Flight back to Jayapura in the morning. Transfer to hotel.

D9: Jayapura-Bali

Flight back to Bali and home. End of trip.

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Korowai Tribe

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