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Endurance expeditions at the frontier.

Guided solo and group trips that will challenge you outside, and transform you inside.

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Overcome your fear of the unknown, and you'll remember it for the rest of your life.

Jackson joined the 2018 season Footsteps of the Nomads expedition.

Our mission is defining moments

Reward your eyes, ears, body and soul.

We offer 3 day, 9 day or multi-week expeditions. They aren't for the faint of heart.

  • Endure

    Test your mettle. Push your body and mind past what you thought possible.

  • Roam

    Unplug yourself from routine and conveniences. Find your sense of purpose renewed.

  • Immersion

    Make room for new stories, new friendships and new goals. Embrace a new you.

What is foundlost

50 epic expeditions with an expiration date.

Taking a well-earned mid-day break.

Disappearing destinations

Explore unmarked places rich with heritage.

We picked destinations that are disappearing due to natural or human causes. As they fade, their people and legends will soon follow.

Stories from our members

Great stories are first lived, before they are told.

While teeming with life and myriad vegetation, jungles represent the most extreme and hostile environments for human beings. It is especially important to be well-prepared physically, mentally and in your kit when doing any expedition in jungles and rainforest.

Christopher Schrader

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Christopher would need to be in Mongolia within the following week to join Auez’s Spring Migration. He made a film about what would become the hardest expedition of his life.

Christopher Schrader

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The Penan people are still fighting for the right of their ancestral land. Due to the lack of proof and the nomadic nature of the Penan, it is difficult for them to prove their ancestral ownership of the lands in Sarawak.

Terence Kuan

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